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Speak to the team that specialises in bricklayers insurance. Our team focuses on providing tailored advice and competitive insurance for bricklayers doing both residential or commercial construction. 

Bricklayers insurance that has you covered

bricklayers insurance

Just like your trade, a tailored bricklayers insurance policy is the key foundation to a thriving business. If something was to go wrong, you would hope that your foundations could support you. With a tailored insurance for bricklayers, we do exactly that – cover what you need and trim off what you don’t.

Simple, competitive and straight forward insurance for bricklayers.

What insurance do bricklayers need?

Like most other businesses the main insurance for bricklayers is public liability insurance. This covers your negligent acts that lead to personal injury or property damage. 

This is a must-have policy when working in construction for a number of reasons. One of the main reasons is the high frequency of claims relating to personal injury. With many employees and contractors working on the one job site the chance of injuring another contractor is high. 

Personal injury claim costs are also increasing significantly compared to previous years so having a public liability insurance for bricklayers is an absolute must for your business.

Your tools and equipment usually need to come with you from job to job so having these insured while your on the move is crucial. There are many instances that could occur where your tools or equipment could need to be replaced.

Common insurance claims that we see are for stolen tools out of vehicles, damaged equipment in the event of a car accident and owners damaging the equipment while in use. 

Commercial Motor Vehicle Insurance is designed for trade use commercial vehicles. This means that the policies tend to have more cover for the things that are common on trade vehicles. 

For example, commercial motor policies generally have higher limits for modifications, attachments, signage, and emergency repairs. 

Motor vehicle insurance for bricklayers can cover utes, trucks or equipment like compactors and other light machinery.

Personal accident and illness cover should be apart of your bricklayers insurance package. 

A tradie will usually rely on their own skills and craftsmanship to produce the income for their family. If you are injured or unable to work then supporting yourself and your family could be extremely difficult. 

Taking out cover to protect yourself should always be considered for business owners. 

How can we help you?

We keep our processes quick, simple and affordable. If you want a quick quote straight away and don’t want the hold music, give us a call.

Why choose us to manage your bricklayers insurance policies?

Bricklayers and other trade contractors are the core part of our business. By working with trade contractors all day every day we understand whats important and that is:

  • Comprehensive cover for your industry
  • Professional advice from specialist trade insurance brokers
  • Competitively priced cover options

If you don’t want to sit on hold and wait for a quote, get in touch with us now – we have someone ready and waiting. 

bricklayers insurance

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