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Speak to the team that specialises in builders insurance. Regardless of whether you are doing commercial, residential or renovation work we can provide an insurance package that suits your needs. 

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Builders require a number of different insurance policies to ensure that they are covered correctly for the work that they are doing. 

We work with all types of building companies which includes residential construction, commercial construction and builders that only do renovations. 

Simple, competitive and straight forward insurance for builders.


What policies do builders need?

Builders public liability insurance will cover you for negligent acts that you are legally liable for that cause personal injury or property damage. 

This could be anything from injuring another contractor on a job site to damaging property while you are completing renovations. 

Things like faulty workmanship generally aren’t covered by a builders public liability insurance unless personal injury or property damage occurs. 

Faulty workmanship can potentially be covered by adding errors and omissions cover to a builders public liability insurance policy. 

Professional indemnity insurance for builders is usually required if you are undertaking design and construct projects. 

A standard professional indemnity insurance policy isn’t sufficient for builders as these policies are designed to respond to claims where one party has completed the construction component and another has provided the design services.

When you are doing both the design and the construction components you will need a design and construct professional indemnity insurance for builders. 

Contract Works Insurance is cover for material damage to your jobs that are under construction. 

For example, you have 3 projects being worked on at once and all 3 are at various stages of completion. If a storm came through and damaged your projects a contract works insurance will cover the cost to get these projects back to the same level of completion prior to the incident. 

A tailored builders insurance package should also include personal accident and illness cover

Construction workers unfortunately are at the highest risk of an injury occurring on a job site. A personal accident and illness policy is designed to cover your lost income while you are unable to work. 

How can we help you?

We keep our processes quick, simple and affordable. If you want a quick quote straight away and don’t want the hold music, give us a call.

Why choose us to manage your builders insurance policies?

Although we look after a number of different occupations, we only work with tradies. We understand the cover you need and the cover that you can do without.

By working with insurance brokers that specialise in insurance for builders gives you access to:

  • Comprehensive cover for your industry
  • Professional advice from specialist trade insurance brokers
  • Competitively priced cover option
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