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Speak to the team that understands plumbers insurance. Our tailored insurance for plumbers can include cover for gas work, work over 2 storeys and cover for sub-contractors. 

Plumbing insurance that has you covered

Plumber working onsite protected by plumbers insurance

Plumbing insurance has been impacted greatly over the last couple of years due to high amounts of claims. If you’re a plumber then you are probably aware that a lot of insurers are imposing a number of restrictions to their policies that can significantly impact your business. We are trusted by hundreds of plumbers across Australia and can offer you the cover you need to ensure you’re covered for all of the work that you’re doing.

What policies do plumbers need?

Your public liability insurance for plumbers will cover you for personal injury and property damage that occurs from your unintentional negligent acts.

Things like water damage occurring from unsealed or incorrectly sealed pipe connections would typically be covered under this type of policy.

Plumbers public liability insurance has come under great scrutiny over the last couple of years with a number of height restrictions, depth limits and conditions around hot works are being applied to policies.

After working with hundreds of plumbing insurance policies we can tailor covers, review restrictions and ensure that your business isn’t impacted.

Get cover for your drain camera, crimping and press tools anywhere in Australia.

Plumbing tools are some of the highest valued trade tools on the market, protect your gear and protect your pocket from outlaying large amounts of money if someone stole your tools.

Most tradies undervalue their tools of trade insurance and think that it’s not needed as other policies like commercial motor vehicle insurance will provide cover if they are stored in their vehicles. This is definitely not the case. 

If you are transporting your tools from site to site in a trailer or the back of a ute there is only very limited cover for tools on a motor insurance policy. In most cases, $500 is the maximum amount of cover and some policies will exclude them completely if they are used in a commercial capacity. 

If you are using your vehicle for trade use then you should have a commercial motor insurance policy in place.

Our policies will allow us to include cover for mounted items such as jetter’s, racking, shelving and tool fit-outs. We can also cover things like excavators and bobcats if required.

As well as being very competitive our commercial motor insurance policies also offer a strong level of cover that has been approved by our broking group, Steadfast

Commercial motor insurance for plumbers will generally offer you better coverage when purchased through an insurance broker due to negotiated benefits being agreed upon with insurers. 

Another added benefit to your plumbing insurance package is having your insurance broker manage any claims for you on your behalf.

If you get injured on a job and your income stops straight away, how are you going to support yourself?

With most plumbing businesses being a sole trader operation, there is a good chance that the cash flow gets impacted if an incident occurs.

Our policies can be tailored for 7, 14, 21 or 28-day waiting periods and lump sum payments for more serious injuries.

Our tradies insurance package can include a number of different policies that can be combined into one simple to manage package with easy to manage monthly repayments.

How can we help you?

We keep our processes quick, simple and affordable. If you want a quick quote straight away and don’t want the hold music, give us a call.

Why choose us to help with your plumbers insurance?

Plumbers public liability insurance is one of the largest parts of our business. We look after hundreds of plumbers across Australia and have helped them get the most out of their policies. Particularly plumbers liability insurance as this has been an extremely hard market of late with some large claims occuring in the recent years. 

Some of the main reasons why tradies place their plumbers liability insurance and other policies with us is due to us providing them:

  • Comprehensive cover that’s tailored to plumbers
  • Professional advice about what insurance does a plumber need
  • Competitively priced insurance packages 
Plumber fixing a sink covered by his plumbers insurance policy

Frequently asked questions about plumbing insurance

Some plumbers need professional indemnity insurance if they are offering water compliance certificates, gas compliance certificates or any other form of certification. 

Professional Indemnity insurance for plumbers will typically cover any financial loss that occurs due to your error or omission. 

Your plumbers public liability insurance will cover subcontractors that you engage to work on your behalf however, insurers will typically request that you confirm they hold their own public liability insurance separately. 

Height restrictions are usually applied to plumbers public liability insurance. 

The reason for this is due to a large influx of claims being made in relation to multi-storey buildings. 

Insurers have incurred a large number of losses from multi-level buildings sustaining water damage across multiple floors due to a range of plumbing-related claims. 

The height restrictions allow the insurer to reduce their exposure to larger buildings. 

Yes, our plumbing insurance packages are offered Australia-wide which includes Victoria. 

We are familiar with the VBA requirements for plumbing insurance and will ensure that any Victorian plumbers insurance complies with their requirements.

Most insurers will require you to define your split of activities across residential, commercial and industrial/civil plumbing works. 

A large number of insurers will offer insurance for plumbers doing domestic work however, civil plumbing insurance can be a different story. 

Due to the increased risk and the added complexities of working with mains connections and connections to new infrastructure, a number of insurers do not offer this cover. 

We work with a number of civil plumbing and drainage contractors and can offer you solutions to your insurance needs. 

No, they aren’t. 

All policies are offered on an individual basis and subject to each insurer’s exclusions and limitations. 

Speak to an insurance broker who can break down the differences in cover for you. 

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