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Get the cover that you need with the flexibility over covering a single project or all of your projects under an annual contract works insurance policy. Speak to the team that understands construction insurance. 

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Annual project cover or single project cover, you choose.

If you’re taking on construction projects where contracts, progress payments, and materials are purchased in advance then you need contract works insurance to cover your business. Imagine that you are halfway through a project and a storm or fire comes through and destroys your site. Your liability under contract is to still deliver the project to practical completion. Cover the risk of a severe financial loss to your business by taking out a suitable contract works policy.

What your contract works insurance can cover

If you take on multiple construction jobs a year, having an annual contract works insurance will give you the flexibility that you need to ensure that all of your projects are covered all year round. If you are only taking on jobs as a sub-contractor and there is a liability under your contract with the principal for materials and the project to be covered up until practical completion then a single project cover may be more suitable.

The main component of a contract works policy is to cover the material damage done to your project whilst it is being constructed. Construction projects cost quite a lot of money with material and labour costs making up the largest portion of the job. Your material damage cover will protect you against having to outlay these costs over again if some damage was to occur.

If something happened where your job site was damaged and you were already working with a tight deadline, expedited costs are usually covered under both annual contract works insurance and a single project policy to ensure that you do your best to meet the deadlines specified.

Most contract works policies offer an extension of cover to include costs associated with claim preparation costs. This means that if you were to lodge a claim due to a site being damaged, the policy would also typically cover the costs (up to the limit on the policy) to pay for a professional claims management company to manage your insurance claim for you.

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Why choose us to manage your contract works insurance policies?

Our team specialises in insurance for tradies and a large part of that is understanding how a contract works insurance policy can benefit your business. Regardless of whether you need a single project cover or wanting to cover all of your projects on an annual basis, we can provide you with multiple options. 

We pride ourselves on providing you with the following:

  • Comprehensive cover for your projects that are currently under construction
  • Professional advice on how to tailor your policies to best cover your business
  • Competitively priced cover options 
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